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About Progresja Summer Stage

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About Progresja
Summer Stage

‘Playing Wola at will’ is a new and also the longest music festival in Warsaw, which was born in Progresja’s Summer Stage in 2020. The most popular Polish artists, foreign guests, a smorgasbord of the best music styles and special events – all this was experienced by festival fans without needing to leave the city.

The Summer Stage was conceived for all live music fans who want to have fun from the beginning of Spring until the end of summer and even … early autumn.

This year we have returned with a new formula. Foreign artists, a larger chillout zone and a greater, freshened up concert-recreational area. As the only venue in Poland, we have guaranteed the longest yet also the safest music holiday in Poland.

#StayinWarsaw i #BawsięBezpiecznie

Summer Stage

The largest independent summer stage in Poland. Huge recreation area, greenery and beach available not only during concerts, but also on a daily basis. Feel like you are at the festival without leaving the city.

Festival Stage

A huge festival in the heart of the city? Here it is possible! Discover the advantages of the biggest independent festival area located only 200 meters from Progresja Club. Mata and Bedoes have played here so far, but the biggest concert in 2022 will be My Chemical Romance.


The Summer Stage is Progresja’s answer to the situation connected with the Covid-19 epidemic and the needs of both artists and fans. It’s a professionally organised festival area located right by the city centre, which allows for concerts and other events to be staged for groups of several hundred as well as many thousands of participants. All in sanitary safe conditions.

Thanks to many years of experience in event organisation we have been able to create a concert village with full production infrastructure, allowing promotors to organise concerts with minimal pre-production effort.


The Summer Stage can be found at 22 Fort Wola Street on old industrial terrain. This guarantees convenient transport access for the public as well as the opportunity to make use of the club’s infrastructure.

The location of the Summer Stage also ensures trouble-free access for all vehicles including lorries and coaches (nightliners).

We have also taken care of comfort and aesthetics – the terrain has been professionally drained and levelled and a rest and recreation zone is available to the public.

We ensure a fully prepared area in accordance with regulations set out in the Safety of Mass Events Act together with the required documentation.